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For people unfamiliar with the connotations of 'Shrove Tuesday', the information on this website might be helpful:


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English customs for "Pancake Day" are covered in

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There is an interesting discussion of Shrove Tuesday (and Collop Monday) in Ronald Hutton's The Stations of the Sun: A History of the Ritual Year in Britain. The city of London had banned Shrove Tuesday football matches repeatedly, starting in 1314. Londoners also celebrated the holiday with cockfights.

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Shrove Tues. Dates 1660-69

This holiday occurs on different dates through the year, since it's the day before Ash Wednesday, a moveable feast. It may be useful for some to know on what date this holiday occurs during Pepys's diary.

6 March 1659/60
27 Feb. 1660/61
11 Feb. 1661/62
3 March 1662/63
23 Feb. 1663/64
7 Feb. 1664/65
27 Feb. 1665/66
19 Feb. 1666/67
4 Feb. 1667/68
23 Feb. 1668/69

From the ecclesiastical date calendar calculator at http://www.albion.edu/english/calendar/easter.htm

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CORRECTION: Shrove Tuesday dates

26 Feb. 1660/61

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once thee have shriven then thee can shrove; [Shrove Tuesday. Elicid from OED
1638 DAVENANT Madagascar, etc. 29 More cruell than Shrove-Prentices, when they (Drunk in a Brothell House) are bid to pay. 1659 Lady Alimony V. ii. I4, O ye pittiful Simpletons, who spend your days in throwing Cudgels at Jack a Lents or Shrove-Cocks.
[f. shrove- in SHROVE-TIDE.]
intr. To keep Shrove-tide; to make merry. Often in (to go) a-shroving (locally applied to the practice of going round singing for money on Shrove Tuesday).
The action of the verb SHRIVE, shrift: a. Confession; b. the hearing of confessions.
c. attrib. as shriving time; shriving pew, seat, stool, a confessional.

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  • 1661
  • 1663
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  • 1664
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