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David Quidnunc  •  Link

Evelyn describes Audley End

On 1 September 1654, John Evelyn and his wife, Mary, visited Cambridge and, as Pepys did in February 1660, went to Saffron Walden and stopped at Audley End. Part of Evelyn's diary entry for that crowded day (the couple also toured Cambridge University):

"From Chambridge we went to Audley End and spent some time in seeing that goodly Palace built by Howard E[arl]. of Suffolck, & once Lord Treasurer of England: It is a mixt fabric, 'twixt antique & modern, but observable for its being compleately finish'd, & without comparison one of the statliest Palaces of the Kingdome, consisting of two Courts, the first very large, Wingd with Cloisters: The front hath a double Entrance: The Hall is faire, but somewhat too smale for so august a pile: The Kitchin leaded & Cellars very large & arched with stone, Celars I never saw any so neate & well dispos'd: These Offices are joynd by a Wing out of the way very handsomely: The Gallery is the most cherefull, & I thinke one of the best in England: a faire dining-roome, & the rest of the Lodgings answerable with a pretty Chapell: The Gardens are not in order, though well inclosed: It has also a Bowling ally, a nobly well walled, wooded & watred Park, full of fine collines [a French word meaning 'small hills'] and ponds, the river glides before the Palace, to which an avenue of lime-trees; but all this much diminishd by its being placed in an obscure bottome; for the rest a perfectly uniforme structure, & shewes without like a diademe, by the decorations of the Cupolas & other ornaments on the Pavilions: I observ'd that instead of railes and balusters, there is a bordure of Capital letters, as was lately also on Suffolck house neere Charing Crosse, built by the same L: Tress: ["Lord Treasurer"?] This house stands in the Parish of Saffron Walden famous for he aboundance of Saffron there Cultivated and esteem'd the best of any forraine Country."

Then, as Pepys did in 1660, Evelyn went south through Bishop's Stortford ("a pretty watrd Towne") to London and home.

Derek  •  Link

Audley End House. There

Pedro.  •  Link

Audley End as noted by Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) in around 1722.

I came back through the west part of the county of
Essex, and at Saffron Walden I saw the ruins of the once largest
and most magnificent pile in all this part of England--viz., Audley
End--built by, and decaying with, the noble Dukes and Earls of

in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

Audley End by Fienes: a quote on Audley end house a place enjoyed by Lord Braybooke :
"...Thence we went to Andleyend 10 miles, a house of ye Earle of Sussex wch makes a Noble appearance Like a town, so many towers and buildings off stone within a parke wch is walled round. A good River runs through it, we pass over the bridge. Its built round 3 Courts, there are 30 great and Little towers on the top, and a great Cupilow in the Middle. The roomes are Large and Lofty with good Rich old ffurniture tapistry, but Noe beds in yt part we saw. There are 750 (150?) Roomes in the house. ..."

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