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"...John Barkstead, a London goldsmith and silversmith, joined Parliament's army at the start of the Civil War. A good soldier he became a colonel in the New Model Army and fought with General Thomas Fairfax at the siege of Colchester 1648. ......

Barkstead served on the High Court of Justice and in 1649 signed the king's death warrant. Barkstead was appointed military governor of Middlesex and was knighted for his services during the Commonwealth.
On 3rd September 1658, Oliver Cromwell died. Parliament and the leaders of the army now began arguing .....[ the specch at his departing the cart to Tybyrne]

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Col. John Barkstead was a citizen and goldsmith of London, who, being sensible of the invasions that had been made upon the liberties of the nation, took arms among the first for their defence, in the quality of Captain to a foot-company in the regiment of Col. Venn. He had not been long in this employment, before his merit advanced him to the degree of a Major; in which station he was made Governor of Reading: and afterwards being preferred to the command of a regiment, he was constituted by the parliament, in consideration of his services, Lieutenant of the Tower of London. When he was brought to confirm with the testimony of his blood that cause for which he had fought, he performed that part with chearfulness and courage, no way derogating from the character of a soldier and a true Englishman.
---Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, Esq., 1751

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BARKSTEAD, JOHN (d. 1662), regicide; goldsmith in London; captain of parliamentary infantry under Colonel Venn; governor of Reading, 1645; commanded regiment at siege of Colchester; one of the king's judges, 1648; governor of Yarmouth, 1649, and of the Tower, 1652; M.P. for Colchester, 1654, and Middlesex, 1656; knighted, 1656; escaped to continent, 1660; arrested, 1661; brought to England and executed.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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