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"In 1626 a soldier had thought of assassinating the Duke of Buckingham,and perhaps the King too,so as to establish a republic or put the King of Bohemia on the throne. when Felton actually did assassinate Buckingham two years later,his popularity was so great that other men pretended they were Felton." cf Christopher Hill "The World turned upside down"

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"...but his mother was Eleanor, daughter of William Wright, mayor of Durham. He entered the army, and served as lieutenant in the expedition to Cadiz ....
He bought a tenpenny knife on Tower Hill, and on his way through Fleet Street he left his name in a church to be prayed for as a man much discontented in mind. He arrived at Portsmouth at ~ oclock in the morning of the 23rd of August 1628, and immediately proceeded to No. 10 High Street, where Buckingham was lodged....
being accompanied by cries of God bless thee from the people

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FELTON, (John) an Englishman, in a fit of eccentricity, conceived it would be doing God and the nation service to assassinate George Villiers Duke of Buckingham, which he did at Portsmouth in 1628, as that nobleman was preparing for an expedition to Rochelle. For the murder he was tried, convicted, and executed. No attempt had ever been made to introduce the torture, which in other countries is called "Putting the Question" till James I, when Felton was informed that he should be put to the rack, to compel him to confess his abettors or confederates in the murder he had committed. The culprit replied with great calmness, that, "he did not know which of the judges on the bench he might possibly be induced to mention first." This declaration produced such an effect upon the court, that the intended experiment was entirely set aside, and the pernicious example avoided, so repugnant in its nature to every principle of humanity.

---Eccentric biography, 1801

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FELTON, JOHN (1595?-1628), assassin of the Duke of Buckingham; of a good Suffolk family; lieutenant at Cadiz, 1625; his application to Buckingham for a captain's commission scornfully refused, 1627; was incited by reading 'The Golden Epistles' to plan Buckingham's assassination, 1628; stabbed Buckingham at Portsmouth, 1628; described as a national benefactor In popular ballads; hanged.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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Awake, sad Brittaine, and advance at last
Thy drooping head: let all thy sorrowes past
Bee drown'd, and sunke with their owne teares; and now
O're-looke thy foes with a triumphant brow.
Thy foe, Spaine's agent, Holland's bane, Rome's freind,
By one victorious hand receiv'd his end.
Live ever, Felton: thou hast turn'd to dust,
Treason, ambition, murther, pride and lust.
---Poems and Songs Relating to George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. F.W. Fairholt, 1850

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