The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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Phil  •  Link

Judging by a map in Latham & Matthews this is the approxmiate position of where the church stood.

Susanna  •  Link

Separated Church and Churchyard

The church, interestingly enough, seems to be separated from its churchyard. I wonder if this was the case before the great fire? Here is its location on a London map of 1746 (note how far apart the churchyard and the church are from each other):

Paul Miller  •  Link

St. Clement Danes in the Strand, is a Church dedicated to Clement, Bishop of Rome, who was Martyr'd Anno 100, and his Day is annually celebrated Nov. 4. And it's called Danes, because in the Days of Canutes, and other Danish Kings, it belong'd to the Danes, herein they buried their Dead, and particuary Harold, the eldest Son of Canutus, and his Successor, dying at Oxford, was buried at Westminster; but some few months afterwards, was taken up, beheaded, and flung into the Thames, by the order of Hardicanute, his half Brother and Successor; but afterwards taken up again by some Fishermen, and buried here in 1040; wherefore it must be at least 700 Years old; but being greatly decayed, was pulled down Anno 1680, and rebuilt and finished all of Stone, by the Parishioners, in 1682.
--- W. Stow 1722

Earle Rheaume  •  Link

My father was with the RCAF Squadron 431 (Iroquois) when his Wellington Bomber was shot down over the Netherlands. All five including him were killed. That occurred on June 12, 1943.
His name may be included in the Book of Rememberance. It is in the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada.
A copy of that page would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

Earle Rheaume
Ottawa, Canada

imazzara  •  Link

Separated Churchyard-St.Clement Danes
The churchyard shown on the map is less than 100 yards from the church. The church has always stood on an "island" between 2 roads.No space.

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