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DUGDALE, Sir WILLIAM (1605-1686), Garter king-of-arms; employed by Sir Symon Archer, to collect material for a history of Warwickshire; Rouge Croix pursuivant, 1639; commissioned to prepare drawings of monuments and armorial bearings in Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, and other churches, 1641; accompanied Charles I to Oxford; M.A., 1642; Chester herald, 1644; brought out the first volume of ' Monasticon Anglicanum' conjointly with Roger Dodsworth, 1655 (second volume, 1661); issued 'Antiquities of Warwickshire,' 1656; proclaimed Charles II at Coleshill, 1660; Norroy, 1660; produced a 'History of Imbanking and Drayning of divers Fenns and Marshes,' 1662, and 'Origines Juridiciales,' 1666; brought out the third volume of 'Monasticon,' 1673; the 'Monasticon' admitted as circumstantial evidence in the courts at Westminster; Garter king-of-arms and knighted, 1677; published the 'Baronage of England,' 1675-6; correspondent of Sir Thomas Browne.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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