Tuesday 13 May 1662

[Today’s entry is missing from the Project Gutenberg text we’re using, so I’ve taken the liberty of copying it from the Latham & Matthews edition. P.G. (Read more about different versions of the diary.)]

At the office all morning. Dined at home alone, my wife being sick of her Mois in bed. Then to walk to Pauls churchyard, and there evened all reckonings to this day. So back to the office and so home. And Will Joyce ccame with a friend, a Cosen of his, to see me and I made them drink a bottle of wine; and so to sing and read and to bed.

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skutch   Link to this

kind of a dull one... sam's really phoning it in lately..

Louis   Link to this

"her Mois": French for month, i.e., menstrual period (L&M Companion, Large Glossary).

agent cody   Link to this

Couldn't it be 'her moist' - i.e., her vagina?

language hat   Link to this


A. De Araujo   Link to this

"and I made them drink a bottle of wine"
I know he can't stand the Joyces,but it sounds rude!

dirk   Link to this

"I made them drink a bottle of wine"

I don't think it was intended to be rude. It sounds rather like he insisted on them having a bottle of wine with him - persuasive hospitability if you like - not 'forced' them.

Cumgranissalis   Link to this

Mary had a little lamb.Tra la la? Or would that be one of Wilmots odes set to the Viginal"...I made them drink a bottle of wine; and so to sing and read and to bed...."

Robert Gertz   Link to this

Hmmn...After a happy day with the Montagu kids, bad news on the pregnancy front. True Sam doesn't seem unduly weighed down, but I wonder if he's a tad depressed loving kids as he does.

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