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Tuesday 19 May 1668

… r all this ado Ward is come to town, and hath appeared to the … tive whether he was not instructed by letters or otherwise from … lly deny, as it was true, I not knowing the man that I know of. He tells me also that, for certain, Mr. Vaughan is made Lord Chief justice, which I am glad of. He tells me, too; that sinc … d yet, it seems, he is mighty hot upon the Duchess of Richmond … re, the garden-door not being open, himself clamber over the wa … visit to her, which is a horrid shame. He gone, I to the office, where we sat all the mor … k of the gout comes not out. After dinner at home, to White Hal … for Tangier, where I was mightily pleased to see Sir W. Cove … me with saying that I ought first to have my account past by … nce W. Coventry and I in the Matted gallery, and there he did … and 3 more.

Friday 11 November 1664

… re very fine, there I observed the Duke of Monmouth's armes a … of Scott? And then I found my Lord Sandwich, his title under his armes is, "The most noble and mighty Lord, Edwar … matters in general, true as the romance of Cleopatra, the world will not know which is the true and which the false. Here was a gentlem … hey are to begin to know, when the greatest of our hurry is, is a thing to be lamented; and I fear the consequence will be bad to us. Thence I by coach to the 'Change, and thence hom … cellor's, but could not speak with him, then up and down to see … his complaint to me how my clerks do all the worke and get all … nor cannot subsist, I did make him apprehend how he is beholding to me more than to any body f … body's favour, that I believe he will make no complaints agai …

Friday 20 November 1663

Up, and as soon as I could to my Lord Sandwich's lodgings, bu … out before, and so I am defeated of my expectation of being … ess of my Lord. But I went up to Mr. Howe, who I saw this day the first time in a periwi … lls me that my Lord is of a sudden much changed, and he do bel … ct upon him. Thence I home again, calling at the Wardrobe, where I found my Lord, but so busy with Mr. Tow … accounts there that I was unwilling to trouble him, and so we … y merry, and indeed I observe him to be a very hopeful young … eited. After dinner I took him and my wife, and setting her i … er mother's, he and I to my Lord's, and thence I with Mr. Moore to White Hall, there the … il being close, and I thinking it an improper place to meet m and 5 more.

Wednesday 22 May 1667

… me now for certain how the Commission for the Treasury is disposed of: viz., to Duke of Albemarle … all the whole Court is disturbed; it having been once conclude … the first of which is only for a puppet to give honour to the … ng the bankers: but I am, whatever I in compliance do say to him, of another mind, and my heart is very glad of it, for I do expect they will do much good, and that it is the happiest thing that hath appeared t … reasury, wherein he is in the Commission, and desired that I would be thinking of any thing fit for … enquire into: which I promised him, and from time to time, wh … an account of what I can think of worthy his knowledge. I am mighty glad of this opportunity of p … made, and the hopes I have that it will save the kingdom from perishing and how it do encourage me to take pains again, … him; and therein he is glad, in hopes of the service he may do … did produce a paper I had given him this morning about it, in … and 21 more.

Thursday 1 January 1662/63

… d's lodgings, where I have been these two nights, till 10 o'c … asure talking, then I rose and to White Hall, where I spent a little time walking among the courtiers, which I perceive I shall be able to do with great confiden … Mrs. Sarah tells us how the King sups at least four or [five] t … help her. In fine, I find that there is nothing almost but bawdry at Court from … as, if it were fit, I could instance, but it is not necessary; only they say my Lord Cheste … stole to the Queen, is either gone or put away from the Court … York, so as that he is watched by the Duchess of York, and his lady is retired into the country upon it. How much of this is true, God knows, but it is common talk. After dinner I did reckon with Mrs. Sarah for what we … again; and the more I see it, the more I am offended at my first undervaluing th … pleasant, and yet a true and allowable tragedy. The house was fu … pleasant, but that I was willing to make an end of my gaddin … and 1 more.

Wednesday 31 December 1662

… ng in bed, and then I up and to Westminster Hall, and so to t … things he tells me how the difference comes between his fair c … ellent company, but I confess I am wedded from the opinion either of Mr … rke's genius, which I so much admired, I finding her to be so conceited and fant … e, though the truth is, witty enough. After dinner with much ado the doctor and I got away to follow our business for a w … to his patients and I to the Tangier Committee, where the Duk … ried Mr. Gauden and I into London to Mr. Bland's, the merchan … back, Mr. Povy and, I to White Hall; he carrying me thither o … ry ingenuously, and I find him a fine gentleman, and one that … obly and neatly, as I perceive by his discourse of his house, and 30 more.

Sunday 27 January 1666/67

… mpton preach, which I had a mighty desire she should, I down to the Old Swan, and there to Mich … or two of her, whom I love mightily; and then took them in a … entry, Bruncker and I all the morning together discoursing of … order also. Thence I up to the King's closet, and there hear … htily ashamed of my not having seen my Lady Jemimah so long, and my wife not at all yet since she come, but she shall soon do it. I thence to Sir Philip Warwicke, by appoi … on Sundays; so did not enlarge, but took leave, and went down … to a courtier most true and good, which made me once resolve to … it was writ in, but I forebore it. By and by comes Lord Bella … es, and then he and I up again to Sir P. Warwicke and had muc … g any money. Thence I through the garden into the Park, and t … and 19 more.

Wednesday 14 October 1663

… tand any thing that I was weary of him, and so I toward the 'Change and met with Mr. Grant, and he and I to the Coffee-house, where I understand by him that Sir W. Petty and … dinner my wife and I, by Mr. Rawlinson's conduct, to the Jew … ngs stand up, which I believe is their Law, in a press to which all comi … her; and whether it is that every one desires to have the carrying of it, I cannot tell, thus they carried it round … hile such a service is singing. And in the end they had a pray … people knowing the true God, would make a man forswear ever see … hem more and indeed I never did see so much, or could have im … stminster Hall, and I to White Hall, and there the Tangier Co … r and to bed, after I had been a good while with Sir W. Pen, …

Thursday 31 May 1666

… her and sister, who is a pretty good-bodied woman, and not over thicke, as I thought she would have been, but full of freckles, and not handsome in face. And so I out by water among the ships, and to De … three weeks, which is so tame that it flies up and down, and … th it. After dinner I to my papers and accounts of this month … the fleete. But it is a pretty thing to consider how little a matter they make of this keepi … a Fast, that it was not so much as declared time enough to be r … proclamation since: I suppose upon some sudden newes of the D … myself poorer than I was the last by near 20l., by reason of … d me with. However, I am well contented, finding myself yet t … n Mr. Homewood, and I took him home in the evening to my cham … Victualling, which I have a mind to employ him in, and he is desirous of also, but do very ingenuous … and 7 more.

Sunday 16 December 1660

… e. In the afternoon I to White Hall, where I was surprised with the news of a plot a … eral Overton, where I heard him deny that he is guilty of any such things; but that whereas it is said that he is found to have brought many arms to town, he says it is only to sell them, as he will prove by … k, and in discourse I learnt a pretty trick to try whether a … se, which if she be not will come a great way beyond. Thence to … tells me, that all is agreed and he will marry her. But I know not how true yet. It rained hard, and my Lady would … have the coach, but I would not, but to my father's, where I met my wife, and there supped, and afte …

Monday 28 November 1664

… tee of Lords (which is like to do the King's business well). S … with Argier, which is good news; and that the Dutch have sent … ping their men. But how true this, I know not. Home to dinner, then come Dr. Clerke t … ded men, wherein he is like to be concerned. After him Mr. Cut … ich will spoil all. I think I shall get something by my discourse wit … t of ships, wherein I hope to get something too. He gone, hom …

Saturday 22 August 1668

… y full content; and I thank God I have opportunity of doing it, though I know it will set the Office and me by the ea … nd tells me that he is now assured that it is true, what he told me the other day, that ou … ch, whether he says true or no, I know not, nor am much concerned, though I should be better contented to have it t … is afternoon, after I was weary in my business of the office, I went forth to the 'Change, thinking to … n Cocke, but he was not within. So I home, and took London-bridge in my way; … ious Street, to see how very fine a descent they have now made … n the hill, that it is become very easy and pleasant, and goin … t being market-day, I did see a woman catched, that had stole … surprised, and did not deny it, and the woman so silly, as to …

Friday 22 July 1664

… re coming too soon, I spent an houre in looking round the yar … ; Sir J. Minnes and I the only principal officers that were t … with him, and then I left them without staying the sermon an … and there find, as I expected, Mr. Hill, and Andrews, and on … us every weeke, and I fear it will grow a trouble to me if we … tells me Mr. Alsopp is now become dangerously ill, and fears h … e, swearing that he knows not any thing of this business of the victu … e contrary, that it is not that moves Mr. Gauden to send it me, fo … hs. Whether this be true or no, I know not; but I shall hence with the more confidence ke …

Monday 27 October 1662

… o his closet, where I did give him my usual account of matter … loyment, Sir W. Pen is appointed to be his, and Mr. Pett to be … be excused, and so I hope (at least it is my present opinion) to have none joined … ntry do desire that I would find work for one of his clerks, which I did not deny, but however I will think of it, whether without prejudice to mine I can do it. Thence to my Lord Sandwich, … that he says it was not Dunkirk, but the other places, that did … uch as if we had it not. He also took notice of the new Ministe … ays at Court (which I took occasion to mention as that that t … and it seems Spong is so far thought guilty as that they inte … Pepys. But my Lord knows, and I told him, that it was only in matter of … and pipes, but that I thought him to be a very innocent fellow; and indeed I am very sorry for him. After my Lord and I had done in private, we went out, and w and 12 more.

Wednesday 24 July 1667

… d another of theirs is blown up: but how true this is, I know not. But these fellows are mighty bold, and … great design to do. I to my office, and there hard at work al … bstract book, which I have by reason of the war omitted for a … at upon examination I may be in condition to value myself upo … , spiritless]-- but I took no notice of it, but after dinner … unfinished, and now I have done it which sets my mind at my e … aving tired myself, I took a pair of oares about five o'clock, which I made a gally at Redriffe, and so with v … kes, which the more I read and understand, the more I admire, as a most excellent piece of ph … rew darkish, and so I landed only (and the flood being come) … deceives me in what I heard this morning about the Dutch havi … and 4 more.

Sunday 1 September 1667

… that wanted a boat, I to Westminster. Setting them on shore at Charing Cross, I to Mrs. Martin's, where I had two pair of cuffs which I bespoke, and there did sit and talk with her ... and here I did see her little girle my goddaughter … ving staid a little I away to Creed's chamber, and when he wa … o White Hall, where I met with several people and had my fill … my Lady Castlemayne is coming to a composition with the King to be gone; but how true this is, I know not. Blancfort is made Privy-purse to the Duke of York; the Attorney-general is made Chief justice, in the room of my L … e Solicitor-general is made Attorney-general; and Sir Edward T … licitor-general. It is pretty to see how strange every body looks, nobody knowin … and his wife, whom I have not seen a great while, poor girle, and the … Pelling, Howe, and I, and my boy, singing of Lock's response … evening my wife and I to walk in the garden and there scolded a little, I being doubtful that she had received a … nt de Gesne), which I feared she hath from some [one] or othe … and 3 more.

Wednesday 10 January 1665/66

… talke upon the Act. I do find Sir G. Downing to be a mighty talker, more than is true, which I now know to be so, and suspected it before, but for all that I have good grounds to think it will succ … for money too, but not presently. Having done with him, I to my Lord Bruncker's house in Covent-G … e hear to our grief how the plague is encreased this week from seventy to eig … Jer. Smith's fleet is scattered, and three of them come witho … to Plymouth, which is another very exceeding great disappoint … had the opportunity I longed for, of seeing and saluting Mrs. … h the upholster. So I to the office and anon to the Duke of A … never understand it I am sure. Here I saw Sir W. Coventry's kind letter to hi … his letters, which I saw all, and that is a strange thing, that whatever is writ to this Duke of Albemarle, all the … re was in it, which I should not have thought fit for him to have let an … and 3 more.

Thursday 13 June 1667

… e, to be hanged for not doing it -- and turning several others; … that another fleete is come up into the Hope. Upon which newes … o such a fear, that I presently resolved of my father's and w … home! but my heart is full of fear: They gone, I continued in fright and fear what to do … y: and their answer is, "It is payable at twenty days -- when the days … and those that are not so, they make tell over their money, an … and so spend time. I cannot have my 200 pieces of gold again … nd 25s. a-piece. So I must keep the silver by me, which sometimes I think to fling into the house of office, and then again know not how I shall come by it, if we be made to leav … that order; and so I forced to be at the office, most of the … the reports of what is done there; insomuch that I sent Mr. Clapham express thither to see how matters go: I did, about noon, resolve to send Mr. Gi … and 17 more.

Wednesday 6 December 1665

… ford last night. He is mighty brisk, and very kind to me, and … ne speedily; though I know not whence this arises, yet I am heartily glad of it. He did give me … what to do, and so I home by water again and to church a lit … g at night; but she not there, I home and dined, and comes presently by … ppointment my wife. I spent the afternoon upon a song of Soly … ds to Roxalana that I have set, and so with my wife walked an … company for musique I ever was in, in my life, and wish I could live and die in it, both for musi … wife and Knipp, who is pretty enough; but the most excellent, … e noblest that ever I heard in my life, and Rolt, with her, s … r most excellently. I spent the night in extasy almost; and, … and 3 more.

Wednesday 25 March 1668

… Duke of York, which I did: and in his chamber there, first by … by the Duke of York is ready; and I did wait for an opportunity of speaking … any service, which I think do become me to do in all respect … ence therein, which I therefore will seek a speedy opportunit … 'prentices, who are not yet [put] down, though the guards and m … ut here it was said how these idle fellows have had the confide … awdyhouses, and did not go and pull down the great bawdy-house … nk this matter will not come to much: but it speaks people's mi … romwell's army: but how true that is, I know not. Thence walked a little to Westminster, … ng Mrs. Daniel, and I stopt, and she had been at my house, bu … and 4 more.

Monday 22 April 1667

… om Portsmouth, whom I am almost ashamed to see for fear he should have been told how often I have been at plays, but it is better to see him at first than afterwa … e King of France do not intend to set out a fleete, for that he … t this week. Thence I over the Park to Sir G. Carteret, and a … use, the first time I have been therein; and it is very noble, and brave pictures of the a … h been to Mercer's. I did pay his coat for him. Then to my ch … ath been buying of. I then to dinner, and then down the river … d go no further. So I turned them off, giving them nothing, a … tells me our peace is agreed on; we are not to assist the Spanyard against the Fren … to lose Poleroone.1 I know not whether this be true or no, but I am for peace on any terms. He tells me how the King was vexed the other day for ha … h was as much as he is worth; and that he cannot provide it an … and 6 more.

Tuesday 17 February 1662/63

… where Mary Ashwell is, I took home Mr. Pett and he dined with me … hard, which it has not done a great while now, but only frost a great while, I got a coach and so to the Temple, where … so by water (where I have not been a good while through cold) to West … W. Wheeler's, whom I found busy at his own house with the Co … ners of Sewers, but I spoke to him about my Lord's business o … ccount of all, whom I found at cards with Pickering; but he m … o all alone, he and I, after I had given him an account, he told me he … ery civilly desired not to do till he had spoke with his master … um, and whatever he is in the world, from him, should now stud … y Lord, and that he is now all that he is by his means and favour. But my Lord di and 20 more.

Friday 14 June 1667

… so spoil us; which is good advice, and I think I will give notice of it; and did so. But it is pretty odd to see how every body, even at this high time of d … the Tower, to whom I, for the same reason, was directing him … er's materials, but not compound them,1 but that we must do it; whereupon I was forced to write to them about it; a … f worst consequence is, that he himself, I think he said, did hear many Englishmen … llars!" and did ask how such and such a one did, and would comm … lves to them: which is a sad consideration. And Mr. Lewes, who … id tell me, that he is told that when they took "The Royall Ch … to tell me that, if I would get their tickets paid, they woul … therwise they would not venture being killed, and lose all they … fought for: so that I was forced to try what I could do to get them paid. This man tel and 41 more.

Monday 18 September 1665

… e his Lordshipp was not stirring, so we come to anchor a little … st us that we could not get up to him, no, though rowed by a bo … so as to let us see how the judgment of the world is not to be depended on in things they know not; it being a place just wide enough, and not so much hardly, for ships to go through … e very rocks. He do not, upon his best enquiry, find reason to … ship a-breast, and not a quarter of an hour longer (as is said); nor could more ships have been brought to play, as is thought. Nor could men be landed, there … the Dane did amisse is, that he did assist them, the Dutch, al … treaty of us; which is, that we should not come with more than five ships. A flag of truce is said, and confessed by my Lord, that he … us; so that it was not either seen perhaps, or fit to cease up … demns the Dane for, is, that the blockhead, who is so much in debt to the Hollander, havin … Hollanders, should not take this time to break with the Hollan … and 25 more.

Friday 26 June 1663

… g to see me, he and I discoursed of going to Oxford this Comm … ue this year, which I have a great mind to do, and, if I can, will order my matters so that I may do it. By and by, he and I to the Temple, it raining hard, my coze … ing got out, he and I walked a good while among the Temple tr … . Moore tells me it is very likely my Lord will think that I beg something, and may take it ill, and so we resolved not to move it there, but to look for it so … raining hard he and I walked into the King's Bench Court, where I never was before, and there staid an ho … done raining, which is a sad season, that it is said there hath not been one fair day these three months, and I think it is true, and then by water to Westminster, and … he Parliament House I spoke with Roger Pepys. The House is upon the King's answer to their message … about Temple, which is, that my Lord of Bristoll did tell him … r members to him to know the truth, and to demand satisfaction if it be not true. So by water home, and after a little w … my Lady Batten, and I by coach to Bednall Green, to Sir W. Ri … and 2 more.

Friday 1 September 1665

… the Ropeyarde where I did breakfast with them and sat chattin … r. Shelden's, where I met Captain Cocke and eat a little bit … ich a little while, I to London, to my house, there put many … wn to Woolwich, and I by water to the Duke of Albemarle, and … Duke of Albemarle's I overheard some examinations of the late plot that is discoursed of and a great deale of do there is about it. Among other discourses, I heard read, in the presence of the Duke … rse and armes," and I know not what. And then said such a one, "Yes, I will be true to the King." "But, damn me," said Sir … o and so?" And thus I believe twelve times Sir P. Howard answ … it!1 But it ended, I remember, at last, "But such a one (the … emember that he had not told them what King he would be faithfu …

Monday 2 September 1667

This day is kept in the City as a publick fast for the fire th … twelve months: but I was not at church, being commanded, with the re … ere told me that he is leaving the Duke of York's service, which I was amazed at. But he tells me that it is not with the least unkindness on the Duke o … ugh he expects, and I told him he was in the right, it will b … e; "but," says he, "I did desire it a good while since, and t … t it, desiring that I would say nothing of it, that he might … hers whom he should not like:" and that he hath chosen Mr. Wren, which I am glad of, he being a very ingenious m … s of him, though he knows him little; but particularly commends h … h, for that reason, I intend to buy. He tells me the true reason is, that he, being a man not willing to undertake more business than … om the Duke of York is one of the greatest joys that ever he had in the world. I used some freedom with him, telling him how the world hath discoursed of his having … and 45 more.

Monday 18 January 1663/64

… or my jealousy! but I cannot forbear, though God knows I have no reason to do so, or to expect her being so true to me as I would have her. I abroad to White Hall, where the Court a … th the Duke, and so I to W. Howe at my Lord's lodgings, not seeing my Lord, he being abroad, and there I advised with W. Howe about my having my … it troubles me that I should come to need the advice of such … for the present it is necessary. Here I found Mr. Mallard, and had from him a c … Coffee-house, where I hear Turner is found guilty of felony and burglary; an … t, Lord! why should I think any evil of that; and yet I cannot forbear it. But upon enquiry, though I found no reason of doubtfulness, yet I could not bring my nature to any quiet or content … d night, nor though I went with her to divert myself at my un … of rain, it having not rained a great while before. Here was o … s to sing well, and I expected great matters but found nothin …

Monday 14 December 1663

… candlelight, which I do not use to do, though it be very late, that is to say almost 8 o'clock, and out by coa … to the Duke, where I heard a large discourse between one tha … of pratique; which is a thing that is now-a-days made use of only as a cheat, … r so; that he shall not give me a bill of health, and so spoil … This the King will not endure, and so resolves either to have … he Duke called him, is praying to him; and Sir J. Minnes would … s head up, when God knows, it is even the flinging away of 100l. out of … e a Neptune. Thence I through White Hall only to see what was … t meeting none that I knew I went through the garden to my Lord Sand … ch's lodging, where I found my Lord got before me (which I did not intend or expect) and was there trying … and 23 more.

Thursday 21 January 1663/64

… see Turner hanged, I to the office, where we sat all the mor … flock in the City, I enquired, and found that Turner was not yet hanged. And so I went among them to Leadenhall Street, a … he lived. And there I got for a shilling to stand upon the wh … tenance to the end: I was sorry to see him. It was believed t … e in the street. So I home all in a sweat, and dined by mysel … to Sir W. Rider and I telling us that the King is concerned in it, we took occasion to fl … ers of Tangier, and I think it will be best for us to continu … nt none. After that I had good discourse with a pretty young … Burnett did tell me how poorly the sheriffs did endeavour to ge … a due to them, and not to give it to Mr. Tryan, the true owner, but ruled against them, to their and 2 more.