Searching for Bills of Mortality, in diary entries, ordered by relevancy.

Eight found.

Thursday 29 June 1665

… here the Court full of waggons and people ready to go out of towne. To the Harp and Ball, and there … discourse. This end of the towne every day grows very bad of the plague. The Mortality Bill is come to 267;1 which is about ni … than the last: and of these but four in the City, which is a … e. Took leave again of Mr. Coventry; though I hope the Duke ha … d. According to the Bills of Mortality, the total number of deaths in London for the week ending June 27th was 684, of which number 267 were deaths from the plague. The number of deaths rose week by week until Septembe … ectively. The total of burials in 1665 was 97,506, of which number the plague claimed 68,596 … the immediate cause of her death being an opiate ordered by he … 12th, in the church of St. Denis. Her funeral sermon was preac … John Reresby speaks of Queen Henrietta Maria in high terms. He … although the Court of France was very splendid, there was a g … and 5 more.

Monday 24 March 1661/62

… drinking a good ham of English bacon, and having put things in … old maid, come out of the country, and I have a mind to have … to bring her a pair of peruques of hair, as the fashion now is for ladies … are pretty, and are of my wife's own hair, or else I should no … ht Mr. Grant's book of observations upon the weekly bills of mortality, which appear to me upon first sight to … , whom I found full of work, which I am glad of, and thence at the New Exchange and so … nd supped there out of pure hunger and to save getting anythin …

Thursday 9 November 1665

… and seems sensible of my favour and promises kindnesse to me. … with a great deale of company from hunting, and brought in a … y stories they tell of their sport, which pleases them mightil … the different sense of pleasure in mankind), and others upon the score of a survey of his new ship; and strange to see how a … im, and report well of his ship and proceedings, and promise m … e did a great deale of business till midnight, and then to Mrs … helpe it. The Bill of Mortality, to all our griefs, is encreased 399 th …

Wednesday 27 September 1665

… d my wife's picture of our Saviour,1 now finished, which is ve … hath got a promise of half of it from me. We to the King's Head, the … ate little drinking of wine is taken notice of by envious men to my disadvantage. I th … ith him to the Duke of Albemarle by Lambeth, who was in a migh … ired for the relief of the prisoners, and sick and wounded men … aw this week's Bill of Mortality, wherein, blessed be God! there is abov … excellent discourse of Mr. Evelyn touching all manner of learning; wherein I find him a very fin … n, and particularly of paynting, in which he tells me the beau … brought one parcel of our goods by waggons, and at first reso … t then the thoughts of its being the King's house altered our … and 1 more.

Wednesday 24 December 1662

… nt shall be capable of office. And that the Court are weary of my Lord Albemarle and Chamberlin. He wi … uch other discourse of the sea, and breeding young gentlemen t … herein I accuse him of the neglect of the Tangier boats, in which I must conf … and read over half of Mr. Bland's discourse concerning Trade, … knows not the rules of writing orderly) is very good. So home … tmas, a great chine of beef and three dozen of tongues. I did give 5s. to the man that … ht the general bill of mortality, which cost me half-a-crown more. James Crofts, son of Charles II. by Lucy Walter, created Duke of Monmouth in 1663, Duke of Buccleuch in 1673, when he took the name of Scott. ↩

Tuesday 25 July 1665

… . But sad the story of the plague in the City, it growing migh … ant's book upon the Bills of Mortality, new printed and enlarged. Thence to my … office awhile, full of business, and thence by coach to the Duke of Albemarle's, not meeting one coach goin … s very strange. One of my chief errands was to speak to Sir W. … n the army, and out of my purse I dare not for fear of a precedent, and letting him come often … the dangerous part of the town, but I will do what I can poss … coming to me about Bills of Exchange and my signing them upon my Go … e myself this weeke of all the clamour. These two or three day … o bed, my head full of business, and among others, this day co … order from the Duke of Albemarle for a ship of 36 guns to [go] to Calais to fetch him.

Tuesday 20 November 1666

… world do think well of my Lord, and do wish he were here again … he publique matters of the State as to the war are in the wors … an hour discoursing of several businesses, and some I hope wil … y for the cessation of the plague; but, Lord! how the towne do … , by the suddenness of the notice given of the day, which was last Sunday, and the … e sermon being dull of Mr. Minnes, and people with great indif … I am mightily glad of it. He had dined, therefore went away, … t meeting; the Duke of York being there, and much business don … on to the greatness of the business, and my Lord Chancellor sl … ng the greater part of the time. Among other things I declared the state of our credit as to tallys to raise money … and 9 more.

Saturday 8 December 1666

… so passed the House of Parliament yesterday; which makes the K … hall be a Committee of nine persons that shall have the inspec … pon oath, and power of giving others, of all the accounts of the money given and spent for this warr … Howard, who is one of the King's servants, at least hath a gr … o not profit by any of this, but lays all aside, and remembers … h cost me a forfeit of 10s., which I have paid, and there did see a good part of "The English Monsieur," which is a migh … nd Sir W. Batten's, of whom I hear that this Proviso in Parlia … being in much fear of ill news of our colliers. A fleete of two hundred sail, and fourteen Dutch men-of-war between them and us and they coming …