I’ve just added a new section to the site, for letters to and from Samuel Pepys. It currently lists a selection of letters between Pepys and the era’s other major diarist, John Evelyn.

These letters, along with their footnotes, are taken from Guy de la Bédoyère’s website with his kind permission. That site has been linked to at relevant points during the diary, but it seems a good idea to have them all on this site too, with links to all the Encyclopedia references.

They make for interesting reading, in particular the different style Pepys uses in his letters to others compared to that in his private diary.

We also have quite a few letters that were exchanged between Pepys and various correspondents from later years, but they won’t appear here until after the diary ends, to avoid spoilers.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link


This is a great asset, showing us, as you say, Pepys in another guise.

The links in the letters are most helpful. Thanks for all the work.

Thanks also to Guy de la Bédoyère for his contrbution to Pepys scholarship and willingness to share to a most worthy cause.

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