Sometime this Sunday (21st) I’m going to be doing some major work on the site. I’ll be switching off the ability to add annotations while doing this. The site may well look broken for a little while too. I’ll post a message when everything’s up and running again. I thought it was time for a new lick of paint around here…


Han Duijvendak  •  Link

Good for you! I think the site is great, informative and extremely well-managed. I admire your never-ceasing drive for further improvements in look, interactivity etc.
I've never annotated before, but read the site almost every day, and enjoy the input from all the annotators immensely. I also think your recent idea to involve regulars in editing the many background articles into an on-line Pepys Encyclopedia is fantastic. Sadly I've not enough spare time to volunteer myself.

Sophie  •  Link

I love the site too and, though my first post was only yesterday, I have been reading for the last couple of years. I lived in central London for some of that time and used to explore the streets where Sam and Elizabeth lived, worked and visited. Thanks for your hard work in keeping it running.

Dan Jenkins  •  Link

Thank you for your work. I visit every day and have been for years now. My friends will ask me how Sam & Bess are doing, as I have spoken of the diary and annotations so regularly. I have broadened my knowledge, connected to new people and even been inspired to write. (Thank you muses Gertz and Jeanine, amongst others.) This site has literally changed my life. :-) Thank you.

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