If you can read this, you’re seeing the site on the new server, and annotations should be working again. I expect something will break somewhere along the line, but hopefully things are OK…


jeannine  •  Link

Thanks Phil--You're efforts are appreciated as always!

dirk  •  Link

One more grateful user.

Thanks Phil!

Bradford  •  Link

All seems swell except that a reader in Brussels, and this one in the Bootheel, even with cookies engaged, find all annotations marked "New" regardless of age.

language hat  •  Link

Me too, and it's very annoying.
I hope there's some way to fix this, because it seriously detracts from the site's usefulness for me.

GrahamT  •  Link

The other problem, mentioned on the Pepys forum, is that many of the older annotations have neen truncated. It is difficult to see a pattern to the truncations as some long ones are complete while others have all their text removed.

SENILIS  •  Link


dirk  •  Link

Aqua turpis senilisque ???

aqua  •  Link

Cookies well baked, all's well

Ian Evans  •  Link

I'm a Pepys fan from Australia and was very pleased indeed to discover the site. I'm researching concealed objects in old houses and was interested in the entry for 5 December 1660 where Pepys refers to his mother having dropped a kidney stone in the chimney. This, I suspect, was part of a cache in a chimney void which was intended to decoy witches and evil spirits away from the people in the house.
The entry you have is not correct and I've had it checked by the people at the Pepys Library. The long and short of it is that Mrs. Pepys had dropped the stone into a void and could not retrieve it to show her concerned son. This suggests that the void may have been difficult to access and that it may have been one of the cavities adjacent to the flue.
If you look at a typical chimney, they are usually quite wide (for stability) but the flue is narrow. The construction of this leaves cavities on either side of the flue and it is in these that caches of
shoes, etc were deposited in the period before about 1900.
The corrected portion of the text for 5 December 1660 is as follows:

.....I went to my father's. And there found my mother still ill of the stone and hath just voided one, which she hath let drop into the Chimny; and could not find it to show it me. From thence home and to bed.

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