The Original London Walks website is advertising a special Pepys-inspired walk on the morning of Christmas Day. Clicking a link in the right-hand column of their home page pops up this page:

In the morning — at 11:00 am — we’ll be doing the Christmas Morning 1660 — Samuel Pepys’s London Walk.

And in the afternoon — at 2:00 pm — it’ll be the Christmas Day Charles Dickens’s London Walk.

The meeting point for both of the Christmas Day walks is by the big Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.

Elsewhere on the site it says “A London Walk costs £5.50 — or £4.50 for Super Adults (65+), full-time students, and Discount Walkabout Card holders … Children under 15 go free if accompanied by their parent(s).” I assume this also applies to the Christmas Day walks.


First Reading

Shane  •  Link

Oh how I wish I could make it to London this Christmas!

ViverP  •  Link

What an inventive idea!! How I would love to be called a "Super Adult"

bardi  •  Link

Oh, to be in London now that Christmas nears! Agree about being called a Super Adult. A show of respect. "Senior citizen" raises two questions: "senior" to what? and "citizen" of what?

GrahamT  •  Link

Super Adult! Does that mean that once I turn 65 I will be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?
By the way: no congestion charges over Christmas/New year so driving to London for the walk will cost you £8 less than it normally would.

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