Last year I posted a link to a document describing a walk around the City of London, compiled by regular annotator Glyn Thomas. He’s been busy, because he’s now prepared a sequel, a very detailed walk around Westminster.

You can download both walks here as PDFs:

[Updated 18 July 2012, with updated versions of the first two walks, and a link to Glyn’s new Greenwich walk.]

As ever, many thanks to Glyn for taking the time to put these together — it’s quite a feat!


First Reading

Mary K McIntyre  •  Link

Well done, Glyn! Both the City and Westminster walks are very thorough and look really fun.

I visit London about once a year (my husband has family in Herts), and this will definitely be on the agenda for next time.

At least this time we won't make the mistake of going into the City on the weekend!


Todd Bernhardt  •  Link

I've posted some photos that I took while doing Glyn's City walk, which I was lucky enough to do back in June. You can find the photos at:…

It'll probably help if you read along with Glyn's walk. I've put the photos up in roughly the same order that the walk lists them. There are a few extra photos around the Tower area, including some of St. Olave's.

If anyone's interested in getting full-sized versions of any of the photos, or of some others that I took (I have a nice one of Tower Bridge as the wallpaper on my computer right now), let me know, and I'll e-mail them to you directly.

Hopefully I'll be able to compile and post the Westminster-walk pictures in several weeks. I'll let the group know when they're up there.

My thanks again to Glyn for writing these comprehensive, enjoyable and informative walks, and for playing tour guide to me for part of the day I was in The City!

Peter Wood  •  Link

Thanks for the walk - had a great day yesterday wandering around. Will follow the westminster walk at easter

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

I stopped off in London on my return to America and spent the afternoon doing the Westminster Walk. I had downloaded the PDF to my Kindle. Great fun though I only got to Trafalgar Square, which I couldn't ignore (though instructed to). Rain, time, darkness and tickets to St. Martin's stopped me cold. I look forward to finishing the walk on my next visit!

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