I’ve made a few changes this weekend, some or all of which you may have noticed already…

  • A reorganisation of some of the pages and sections, as indicated by the tabs and links at the top of the pages. The most noticeable being that the People and Places pages now live in the new “Background reading” section. This section will be needed for a forthcoming load of pages about other aspects of Pepys’ world… stay tuned!
  • A search box. This searches the section you are currently looking at. If you do a search on this page for example, you’ll only be searching this Recent News weblog. By default only the entries are searched, but you can choose to include annotations too from the search page. Let me know if you notice any odd behaviour, as I’ve not had a chance to test this fully yet…
  • The Recent Annotations page now lists the 30 most recent annotations on the diary and the layout’s been marginally improved.
  • I tidied up some confusion relating to footnotes about Pepys’ cousin and his brother, both confusingly called Thomas. (Thanks David.)
  • Added the number of annotations to each person and place on the People and Places index pages.
  • I added some more People and Places pages: John Hunt, Elizabeth Hunt, Roger Pepys, Harper’s (a tavern), the Exchequer, Somerset House, London Bridge, The Strand, Aldgate, St James’s Park and Gray’s Inn.


Eileen Robbins(nee Perry)  •  Link

I did Pepys Diary at school in about 1947! And I had almost forgotten about it, thankyou so much for getting this website . I am going to enjoy reading all. Eileen

Todd Bernhardt  •  Link


The search tool is a great idea, I'm sure it'll be very useful. And thanks for expanding the number of recent annotations, as well as for the other work you've done. Somewhere, if it's possible, Samuel Pepys is very happy...

David Quidnunc  •  Link

The search engine is fantastic, and it's an elegant solution to the problem of losing the useful annotations to the daily entries.

Checking the search engine might be a good idea before posting new annotations. Who wants to reinvent the wheel when you can just link to it?

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