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Cum Grano Salis  •  Link

A most interesting subject for Samuell's micro scope.
He will be able to discuss this boys of Science.

pepf  •  Link

God's pre-emptive strike against lewd designs next Lord's day, September 11, 1664.
cf. "Floïa, Cortum versicale de Flois schwartibus, illis deiriculis, quae omnes fere Minschos, Mannos, Vveibras, Iungfras, &c. behùppere, & spitzibus suis schnaflis steckere & bitere solent. Auctore Gripholdo Knickknackio Floilandia MDXCIII":

Sunt variae plagae quibus ob sua sünda suamque ob mutwillitiam strafit mennrosque frauasque ipse Deus, Coelum et sternas qui fecit et erdam!

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