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Sir Richard Beach, Kt 1675 (d. 1692). An officer in the royalist navy; held commissions in the 'ro's; Rear-Admiral and C.-in-C. Mediterranean 1670. Navy Commissioner at Chatham 1671-9. and at Portsmouth 1679-92. There were complaints about his treatment of his seamen in 1669, but he was much valued by Pepys and was a member of the Special Commission, 1686-9. In 1679 he helped to defend Pepys against the charge of introducing papists into the navy. (L&M Companion)

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BEACH, Sir Richard, - was made captain of the Crown [in 1661]. In 1663 he was promoted to the Leopard of fifty-fix guns, and sent as convoy to the Turkey fleet; his commission for this purpose, bearing date December the 14th, 1663, being inserted in the Memoirs of Naval Affairs, from the year 1660 to the year 1672, commonly called "The Duke of York's Memoirs." He continued to command this ship till 1666, when the joint admirals, prince Rupert and the duke of Albemarle, removed him into the Fairfax. In the following year the duke of York appointed him to the Greenwich; and, in 1669, to the Hampshire. In 1672, having hoisted his flag on board the Monmouth, he served as rear-admiral of the blue with sir Edward Spragge, on his expedition against the Algerines, and had the good fortune to meet with one of their best ships, mounting forty guns, and carrying three hundred and fifty men. After a short but very smart action he captured her. The peace with Holland taking place soon after his return from the Streights, he quitted the active line of service for some time.
--- Biographia Navalis, J. Charnock, 1794.

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