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David Quidnunc  •  Link

Pepys's friend & maybe James Pearse's

Serving under Mountagu in the Navy, he socializes, naturally enough, with other Mountagu men.

24 Jan. 1660
He comes late to the rowdy party at the Pearses' with navy clerk James Southerne, bearing political news (maybe he isn't that close to Pearse after all). He is a "lieutenant of my Lord's ship" even then.

3 March 1660
He, Pearse and Mountagu's men Will Howe and John Creed all meet up with Pepys and go with him to the Sun Tavern.

5 April 1660
A lieutenant on the Naseby for the trip to Holland in April, Lambert invites Pepys, Howe, Pearse, Balthasar (Pepys's brother-in-law) and Nathaniel Ibbot to have supper in his cabin. This is Lambert's third appearance socializing with Pearse and Pepys, second with Howe.

David Quidnunc  •  Link


1660 Lieutenant on the Naseby
1661 Captain on the Norwich
1664 Captain on the Hopeful

-- Robert Latham's Companion volume (10) to the Latham & Matthews edition of the diary

Pauline  •  Link

11 April 1660
"I staid the lieutenant late, shewing him my manner of keeping a journal."

"...Pepys guarded [the diary] carefully, and says he mentioned its existence to only two people, Lieutenant Lambert, the young naval officer he first met in the Baltic, to whom he showed "my manner of keeping a journall" in the spring of 1660, and much later a descreet and trusted senior colleague, William Coventry."

From Claire Tomalin, "Samuel Pepys: An Unequalled Self," p. 80.

It was Lieutenant Lambert who entertained Pepys aboard the Naseby in 1659 when he arrived by ketch with a packet of letters for Montagu.

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Bill  •  Link

LAMBERT, David,—was appointed captain of the Norwich in 1661, and, for what reason we have not been able to learn, had no further command till after the restoration, when, on the 24th of June, 1689, he was appointed to the Newcastle. In a letter, written by the duke of York to the duke of Albemarle, dated April the 20th, 1665, mention is made of Captain Lambert's having been a passenger, in a ketch tender belonging to the Royal Charles, at the time one of her men was killed by a shot fired from Landguard fort. This transaction the duke of Albemarle is desired to investigate, and cause to be properly punished. No further mention of him occurs till, as has been already observed, the year 1689. On the first of October, 1692, he was appointed captain of the Russel of eighty guns. In this station he continued during the following summer, when this ship was one of the fleet under the command of the joint-admirals Killegrew, Delavall, and Shovell. On the first of July, 1695, he was put on the superannuated list as captain of a second rate. He died in 1703.
(This gentleman might probably be a relation of the celebrated general Lambert's, and, possibly, be treated coldly in the service on that ground. This is only given as a conjectural reason for his having continued for such a number of years unemployed.)
---Biographia navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

"had no further command till after the restoration, when, on the 24th of June, 1689,"
Bill has copied those dates correctly. Very confusing,

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