By the grammarian William Lily, c.1468-1522.

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COLET (John). [Aeditio, una cum quibusdam G. Lilij. Grammatices
rudiemtnis, G. Lilij epigramma.][Antwerp: M. de Keyser, 1534?]
The Aeditio has on recto (of E7?) lines 25-6: “GVILLELMI LILII ANGLI /
RVDIMENTA.”; and last page of carmen de moribus, on verso (of F7?) line 1 begins: “Clamor, rixa”. The types in the Aeditio are 72 and 96mm. bastarda an 80mm. italic.” - STC. First published in 1527 for use at Colet's St. Paul's School and frequently reprinted. Lily's grammar became the standard school text book well into the 18th. century.…

in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

More, it be anglosized to Latin Grammer[Lilly's Latin Grammar] that got the Bard up and at it. The following selection is taken from a reprint of W. Lily's, A Short Introduction of Grammar (London, 1650), found in a diminutive (4" x 6"), but lengthy, book of approximately 400 pages in the Rare Books Collection of Dinand Library of Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts…

John Lyly (Lilly or Lylie) (c. 1553 – 1606)

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William Lily had been the first High Master of St Paul's (1512-22), Dean (John) Colet was the school's founder. (see L&M iii.34.n.1)

Bill  •  Link

Dean Colet wrote the English rudiments for William Lilly's famous grammar, which for so long a period was the standard school book at English grammar schools.
---Wheatley, 1893.

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