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Fruit was very popular in seventeenth century England including apples, pears, quinces, melons, strawberries, cherries, and soft fruit like gooseberries and apricots.
In 1664 the northern end of Hyde Park was fenced off to create an apple orchard for the Royal Household.

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"Strawberries " - "... was the pretiest was the Vine-yard planted in Strawberry borders, staked at 10 foote distance" John Evelyn 8 may 1654 "visit to Hackn[e]y , Lady Brooks Gardens."
"Also Mulberry-Garden 10 may 1654 the onely place of Refreshment about the Towne for persons of the best quality, to be exceeding cheated at:"

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Strawberries have a most delicious taste, and are so innocent that a woman in childbed, or one in a feaver, may safely eate them: but I have heard Sir Christopher Wren affirm, that if one that has a wound in his head eates them, they are mortall. Methinks 'tis very strange. Quaere, the learned of this?
chapter XI plants

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