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The new electronic journal _Convivium Artium_ has an article of interest in its first issue:

"Samuel Pepys and His Cookbooks." Roy Schreiber


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for a taste of 17C have :Huntingdon Fidget Pie

vincent  •  Link

more recipe[latin for to take back!]s of the times Jenny Doughty on Thu 29 Jan 2004,
Here is an excellent website of 17th century recipes - http://www.godecookery.com/engrec/engrec.html - which seems to indicate that puddings could be either savoury or sweet.

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17th c. English recipe books in facsimile, at:

*The Compleat cook : expertly prescribing the most ready wayes, whether italian, spanish or french, for dressing of flesh and fish, ordering of sauces or making of pastry.* 1658.

*The Accomplisht cook, or The art & mystery of cookery.* 1685.

David Ross McIrvine  •  Link

There is a long list of links to early cookery sites, and to pages of links to them, in the entry for March 26, 2005, at scribblingwoman's blog


under "other tasty links." (i.e. just under the graphic of the title page from the godecookery site that we've mentioned on this page).

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