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Pepys and musical instruments

Henry B. Wheatley’s “Samuel Pepys and the World He Lived In” (1889 edition) gives this list of musical instruments (p. 98) mentioned in the diary (and he gives dates each instrument was mentioned). These 20 items are on the list:

lute (8 mentions in the diary), viol (7 mentions), lyre viol (3), bass viol (2), arched viol (1), treble (1), violin (7), therobo (8), guitar (2), cittern (2), bandore (1), recorder (1), flageolet (9), triangle (4), triangle virginal (1), virginals (2), spinet (“espinette”) (3), harpsichord (6), dulcimer (1), trumpet marine (1).

Pepys’s favorites: flageolet, lute, therebo, viol, violin, harpsichord.

Posted by David Quidnunc on Fri 31 Jan 2003, 6:00 pm

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Some great posts on Flageolet reposted:-

from Roger miller

from Fred Bacon said 16/2003/
A small wooden pipe, having six or more holes, and a mouthpiece inserted at one end. It produces a shrill sound, softer than of the piccolo flute, and is said to have superseded the old recorder.
“Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
from Patrick Hall :-
Here’s a page with some pictures of the sort of flageolet in question, provided by someone who builds replicas:
From Dai B:-
The profound loss of conviviality we have undergone since then is emphasised by this wonderful night of singing and self-flageoletion. How ironic that what is left of this tradition is under severe threat by the UK government’s current plans to license it out of existence. For an article on these plans, see
and for an on-line petition to save pub music:

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