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The school

"The Royal Grammar School. Founded in 1509, granted a charter by Edward VI in 1553. Built from 1557-1586 on the town limits (...). New wing was added a generation after original building was completed with contributions from the rich Onslow family. The school contains a chained library, started with books bequeathed to the school (1573) by John Parkhurst, Bishop of Norwich, a native of Guildford. The books include Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the World, written whist he was a prisoner in the Tower of London. A document (1598) referring to a match of cricket played by the boys (c 1550) is one of the earliest references to the game. Two models of the earliest cricket bats are on display within the library." George Abbot, later Archbishop of Canterbury, studied here - Cfr. Abbot's Hospital.

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