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vincent  •  Link

A man who drives a four[or more] wheeled delivery wagon no sides [have up to 8 horses pulling] delivering goods [Haulage].

Grahamt  •  Link

A drayman today...
is a brewery delivery man. Beer is traditionally delivered on flat bed wagons/trucks or drays.
Some UK breweries still retain a team of shire horses and a traditional dray to attend beer festivals and pub openings etc.

Bullus Hutton  •  Link

I know that the wagon was called a dray..
because my old Yorkshire grandaddy used to say that the difference between a war-horse and a dray-horse was that the former would dart into the fray.

Peter  •  Link

Nice one Bullus. Reminds me of the difference between a marksman and an incontinent owl. (One shoots and hits ...)

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