L&M note the book bound by William Nott was probably this by “R. Doleman”/Robert Parsons, published 1594. It can be viewed at Google Books.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

*A conference about the next succession to the crown of England divided into two parts : the first containeth the discourse of a civil lawyer, how and in what manner propinquity of bloud is to be preferred : the second containeth the speech of a temporal lawyer about the particular titles of all such as do, or may, pretend (within England or without) to the next succession : whereunto is also added a new and perfect arbor and genealogy of the descents of all the kings and princes of England, from the Conquest to the present day, whereby each mans pretence is made more plain ... * / published by R. Doleman. Originally published in 1594. [ Written by Robert Parsons [1546-1610], under the pseudonym R. Doleman, and approved by Cardinal William Allen [1532-1594] and Sir Francis Englefield [d. 1596?] who are sometimes credited as joint authors, ]…

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