1667, usually attributed to Andrew Marvell (at Wikipedia).

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according to one source, scandalous.

"...'Elizabeth Calvert (the widow of Giles) was apprehended in the raid and committed to the Gatehouse for keeping a press and ‘for vending & publishing unlicensed & Scandalous Bookes & Pamphlets’.8 But when Calvert was eventually proceeded against it was for a different offence committed several weeks later on 20 May 1668. Moreover, it was not until 1670-71 that she was actually indicted, tried, and convicted in connection with
Directions to a painter, for describing our naval business, which featured four advice poems.

added notes to unwanted black paper
flower in the panther: truth telling, print, and censorship in
England, 1662-1695.2…
the book
just no waffle 44 pages.

Directions to a painter for describing our naval business ... by an unknown author'
by ???
Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678 |
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687
Denham, John, Sir, 1615-1669…

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Title-page, as transcribedby Margoliouth (348): 'Directions | To a | Painter. | For | Describing our Naval Business: | In Imitation of Mr. Waller. ...

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Read here:

London, 4 September 1667

After two sittings, now our Lady State
To end her picture does the third time wait.
But ere thou fall'st to work, first, Painter, see
If't ben't too slight grown or too hard for thee.
Canst thou paint without colors? Then 'tis right:
For so we too without a fleet can fight.
Or canst thou daub a signpost, and that ill?
'Twill suit our great debauch and little skill.

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Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.
Directions to a painter, for describing our naval business in imitation of Mr. Waller. Being the last works of Sir John Denham. Whereunto is annexed Clarindon’s housewarming, by an unknown author.
[London : s.n.], Printed in the year 1667.

Two variants:
8vo., [2], 46, [2]p. ; gathered in fours. Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), M869A
8vo., [2], 44 p. ; gathered in eights. Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), M869B

The main part of the work includes reprints of 'The second advice to a painter' and 'The third advice to a painter,' as well as two new sections, none of which can be attributed to Denham. Both it and Clarindon’s housewarming have been attributed to Andrew Marvell. The four Advices were reprinted and ascribed to Denham in part three of 'A collection of the newest and most ingenious poems, songs, catches, &c. against popery, relating to the times,' 1689, and were again reprinted in 'Poems on affairs of state,' 1702, where they are "said to be written by Sir John Denham, but believed to be writ by Mr. Milton." H.M. Margoliouth, 1927. v. 1, p. 269-270.

For a note on the 'Second advice' and earlier see:…

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Directions to a painter for describing our naval business in imitation of Mr. Waller / being the last works of Sir Iohn Denham ; whereunto is annexed, Clarindons house-warming, by an unknown author.
Denham, John, Sir, 1615-1669., Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687., Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678., Milton, John, 1608-1674.
[London: s.n.], 1667.
Early English Books Online [full text]…

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