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Some considerations touching the style of the Holy Scriptures By Robert Boyle

The text
as scanned by Google in *Treatises on the High Veneration Man's Intellect Owes to God: On Things Above Reason and on the Style of the Holy Scriptures*, Robert Boyle, Henry Rogers, Kessinger Publishing, 2007. http://bit.ly/9ufUbC

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Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.
Some considerations touching the style of the H. Scriptures. Extracted from several parts of a discourse (concerning divers particulars belonging to the Bible) written divers years since to a friend. By the Honorable Robert Boyle, Esq;.
London : printed for Henry Herringman, at the Anchor in the lower walk in the New-Exchange, M.DCLXIII. [1663]

8vo., [42], 254 p. ;
Wing (2nd ed., 1994), B4026. Fulton, J. Boyle, 42

PL 832

Editions: 1661; 63; 65 (Latin); 68; 75.

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