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HART, John,—was appointed captain of the Bristol in 1664; in 1665 he was promoted to the Revenge, and in the following year was removed into the Rainbow. During the time he held the command of the two last ships he was present at all the general engagements which took place between the English and Dutch fleets in the the course of the first war. In 1669 he was appointed to a ship called the Loyal Subject, and in the following year to the Ruby of fifty-four guns (the ship taken by sir T. Allen from the French). He did not long continue in this command, being very soon afterwards removed into the Portland. He commanded the Rupert in 1671; and, on the commencement of the second Dutch war, returned to his old ship the Revenge. The time and manner of his death is unknown.
---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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