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Terry Foreman  •  Link

A Dialogue concerning the rights of Her Most Christian Majesty
Bilain, Antoine, d. 1672

An abridgment of the Traitte des droits de la reyne, generally ascribed to Antoine Bilain, sometimes with the collaboration of Amable de Bourzeis; also attributed to Guy Joly--NUC pre-1956 imprints.

In the Savoy [London] : Printed by Thomas Newcomb, 1667.
78 p.

Early English books, 1641-1700 ; 1548:25.

Reproduction of original in the Bodleian Library.
Cited In Wing D1362


Michael Robinson  •  Link

Possibly either the Paris edition of an official digest in English:

A dialogve concerning the rights of the most Christian Qveene. Translated out of French into English.
Paris : printedfor [sic] Sebastien Cramoisy, M.DC.LXVII. [1667]
Below imprint: With license.

12mo., [6], 100 p.
Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), B2888C

or the London reprint:

A dialogue concerning the rights of Her most Christian Majesty. Licensed by authority.
[London] : In the Savoy, printed by Thomas Newcomb, 1667.

8vo., 78, [2] p. ; With a final errata leaf.
Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), B2888B [Identified as Wing D1362 on UMI microfilm set "Early English books, 1641-1700", reel 1548. – a partial transcription of the description of the microfilm edition, not the of the physical book, is in the first post above]

The official full text first issued in Paris in Latin:

Reginae Christianissimae iura in Ducatum Brabantiae, et alios ditionis Hispanicae principatus & Observationes sive responsio ad duos Tractatus Bruxellis editos adversus Reginae Christianissimae Jus in Brabantiam.
[Paris: Imprimerie Royale], 1667

4to., [8], 293, [3] p. ; Sig. [p]4 A-2O4
and also in smaller format: 12mo., 336 p.

in French in official translation:

Traité des droits de la Reyne très chrestiene sur divers estats de la monarchie d'Espagne
Paris : Imprimerie Royale, 1667

and official translation into Spanish:
Tratado de los derechos de la Reyna christianissima , sobre varios Estados de la monarquia de España
En Paris, de la Emprenta real. [Imprimerie Royale] M.DC.LXVII
12mo., [6]-410 [i. e. 434] p.
Palau 339574

The official digest first issued in French:

Dialogue sur les droits de la Reyne tres-chrestienne
A Paris, de l'imprimerie d'Antoine Vitré. M.DC.LXVII.

12mo., 69p.


The full French text reprinted in Amsterdam:

TRAITTE des droits de la reyne très-chrestienne sur di- vers Estats de la monarchie d'Espagne. Suivant la copie de l'Imprimerie royale à Paris, 1667.
[Amsterdam: s.n., ? Elzevir, ? Blau]
12mo., 318,[6] p.; Sig. A-N12 O4 P2.
Willems 1782

also the digest:

Dialogue sur les droits de la Reyne Tres-Chrestienne
[? Amsterdam: s.n.], 1667

12mo., 68, [4 bl.] p. ; Sig. A-C12
Barbier, I, 947, Willems, 1766

other contemporary reprint editions, Geneva, Leipzig, Madrid, etc.

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