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Gervase Price (d. 1689)

Sergeant trumpeter and yeoman keeper of the bows, arrows and guns. (Also trumpers were a James and a John Price, perhaps related.) In 1664 he was ordered by the Duke of York to press trumpeters for sea service.

L&M Companion.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

SERGEANT TRUMPETER. An officer of the royal household, who presides over 16 trumpeters in ordinary. The first mention of the office occurs in the reign of Edward VI., when it was held by Benedict Browne (who had been one of the 16 trumpeters to Henry VIII. at a salary of 16d. a day), at an annual salary of 24'. 6*. 8d. The office does not appear to have been regularly kept up for a very long period. It is not again mentioned in any list of royal musicians until 1641. No further notice of it occurs until 1685, when Gervase Price held it, and appointments to it have since been continuously made.

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