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About Saturday 7 April 1660

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For UK readers only, there is a new series starting next Wednesday, 10th, on BBC4 at 9 p.m. called "The Century That Wrote Itself" about the explosion of literacy in the 17th century which will focus on "five remarkable writers". Can't imagine that Sam won't be in there somewhere.

About Thursday 22 March 1659/60

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Strange to post a reply ten years late but, surely Bess kept the dining room keys and Sam had the keys to the house until the last moment.
I like his dawning realisation of how many ways his elevation may benefit him in the future - and his insurance of asking God not to let him get carried away by it.

About Saturday 10 March 1659/60

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"Then by coach home, where I took occasion to tell my wife of my going to sea, who was much troubled at it, and was with some dispute"
Poor Bess - husband disappearing to sea, she having to move lodgings and (as usual, one suspects) she's the last to know.