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About Friday 23 January 1662/63

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"and they sent for up."

Any ideas what this means? Are the men of condition being sent for (but why up)? Or is this short for "Up North", a common expression by us southerners?

About Thursday 8 January 1662/63

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" And the play, in one word, is the best, for the variety and the most excellent continuance of the plot to the very end, that ever I saw, or think ever shall, and all possible, not only to be done in the time, but in most other respects very admittable, and without one word of ribaldry; and the house, by its frequent plaudits, did show their sufficient approbation. "

One word eh, Sam?

About Wednesday 31 December 1662

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"Mr. Povy and, I to White Hall; he carrying me thither on purpose to carry me into the ball this night before the King. All the way he talking very ingenuously, and I find him a fine gentleman."

Should this not read "ingeniously"? I can't imagine Sam being so impressed by naivete.

About Monday 29 December 1662

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"the great vast trade of the goldsmiths in supplying the King with money at dear rates."

10% sounds greedy but, Charles being Charles, there was no guarantee that the money would ever be repaid.

About Saturday 27 December 1662

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Imagine expecting a 12-year-old to work what amounted then to a full-time job and to be beaten if he failed!

Easy to imagine, unfortunately. You can go to many parts of the world and find kids of half that age doing a full-time job.

About Monday 22 December 1662

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Two different Sarahs, Bridget. Sam's Sarah left with much regret and a glowing reference. Sandwich's Sarah is an old friend (maybe more) of Sam's from his days in my Lord's household.

About Tuesday 16 December 1662

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"what a most troublesome fellow that Strutt is, such as I never did meet with his fellow in my life. His talking and ours to make him hold his peace set my head off akeing all the afternoon with great pain".

Sounds familiar - nothing worse than someone with a (genuine) grievance who won't shut up.

About Friday 12 December 1662

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Thatched buildings are not usually fitted with gutters even to-day

No, but they have a deep overhang so that the water drips away from the walls. All the recent remodelling has probably left some awkward angles and narrow gullies where snow and water will collect and then find the easiest gravitational route.

About Tuesday 9 December 1662

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"my Lord Treasurer's letter"

Impossible to resist the temptation to compare the present with the past:

"Just delete 'we demand payment' and paste in 'payment would be appreciated' there's a good chap. "

"But Mr Coventry, that's a whole page to rewrite and my eyes are killing me!"

About Sunday 26 October 1662

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Poor Mr Sympson - Sam looking over his shoulder all week and then obliged to come to dinner on Sunday.

About Wednesday 8 October 1662

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my best chamber

I'm not so sure that Penn is on Sam's side. I suspect he may be stirring things up a little, just to keep Sam in his place. After all, Minnes is no shrinking violet - if he wants to pull rank on Sam he doesn't need Penn to do it for him.

Politics, politics......

About Tuesday 9 September 1662

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Thanks JY for an interesting glimpse into our boy's library.
NB fast forward to 15.30 if you don't want to watch the rather over-jolly programme.

About Friday 1 August 1662

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Reading this for the second time around, I'm struck by how USA- and Europe - centric our annotators are and were. The position of single, poorer women in India for example is exactly the same in the "enlightened" 21st century as it was in Sam's day.

About Tuesday 22 July 1662

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That's a nice piece about the Goodwins, Terry, which also explains the popularity of The Downs as a sheltered mooring.
I sailed over the Goodwins in a small boat many years ago and it was a weird experience to drop a line over the side and find only six inches of water under the keel.

About Tuesday 8 July 1662

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" I found him a most ingenuous man and good company."

Should this not be "ingenious" ? Whatever else Coventry was, no-one would describe him as naïve.

About Sunday 29 June 1662

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Another thought on Penn: auditors will tell you, if you think there's someone on the fiddle in your organisation look for the one who never takes a holiday.
I can imagine Penn, somewhat awkwardly, over dinner: "Pepys, old boy, Mr Wilkins may call into the office with a small packet - no need to open it, just send it on to me."

About Tuesday 3 June 1662

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A nice point by the Old Salt about the difference between OF and TO.
The modern equivalents could be Chief Assistant and Assistant Chief.

About Friday 16 May 1662

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At night to supper and bed.
I'm on my second reading of Sam's diary and it has only just occurred to me (after 10 + years), why does he mention going to bed so frequently? Considering all the stuff he omits, to our occasional distress, why mention something so commonplace?

About Sunday 11 May 1662

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When I still went to church as a child all sermons seemed dull and flat. I wonder if 17th c. sermons (quite apart from the content) were delivered in a more theatrical style? Does anyone know?

About Tuesday 29 April 1662

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Way off the 17th century, but this reminds me irresistibly of the music hall comedian Max Miller in the "innocent" days before sex was invented in the 1960's:

I love the girls that do,
I love the girls that don't.
I hate the girls who say they will and then who say they won't.
But the ones I love the best,
and I think you'll say I'm right,
are the ones who say they never would - but look as though they mi...'ere!