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About Tuesday 23 April 1667

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We so rarely hear of Bess visiting her mother or where she lives or her financial condition. Wonder if that is because Bess doesn't visit her often, or perhaps so often that it is unremarkable.

About Saturday 6 April 1667

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"up and down, to pay all my scores occasioned by this mourning for my mother; and emptied a 50l. bag, " Wonder what the 50l was for? Appears to be all related to mourning. As SDS points out, doesn't appear that he went to a funeral. Would have been interesting to learn a bit more about his custom there.

About Tuesday 5 March 1666/67

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Spot on SDS - I think you summed up what Sam is thinking. But on his immoral carrying ons. I am still not clear how much Bess knows, cares, or accepts, and whether this simply was accepted (at least by the men) back then.

About Mustapha (Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery)

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Interesting that in 1665, our critic Mr. Pepys found the play not good, but two years later in his January 5, 1667 entry, he declared Mustapha "a most excellent play for words and design as ever I did see." He admitted to seeing but not remembering the play from the last go round. Guess it was much improved!

About Wednesday 3 October 1666

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Good point Martin. Was backgammon played in England at that time? Interesting to see that Sam has formed an alliance with Penn on the privateer. Seems that aligns their interest against Batten.

About Friday 13 July 1666

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SDSarah - thanks for that observation! Remain in suspense on how the next round with the Dutch will turn out.

About Saturday 7 April 1666

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Yes! Wholeheartedly agree with Colin. San Diego Sarah, please carry on. Enjoy (and am enlightened by) your observations.

About Saturday 13 September 1662

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Does anyone know if Sam loses his access to the leads? The suspense is killing me, but I don't want to read ahead.