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About Monday 30 January 1664/65

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Very wise of Sam, I think, not to draw attention to where he keeps his money. I seem to recall an old trick at fairgrounds where an announcement would be made that pickpockets were at loose in the crowd. Said pickpockets would then watch to see who instinctively patted their pockets and target them.

About Wednesday 1 June 1664

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I'm surprised to find the up-and-coming Pepys in the exposed pit, not the covered part of the house. Meanness? Or perhaps Bess and he arrived there too late to get decent seats. No wonder he didn't like the play so much as previously!

About Sunday 24 January 1663/64

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Extraordinary that Sam neither goes to church nor comments on the fact, despite its being Lord's Day and his usual regular attendance.

About Wednesday 5 November 1662

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If only, Umberman! The problem is that, as the building was wood-framed and none of its internal walls were load-bearing, it was simple to partition and re-partition the interior in any way that suited the tenants. Or, at any rate, some of the tenants. A plan that was correct for one month could have been completely wrong only a couple of months later.

I'm rather enjoying all this willy-waving between Sam and his neighbours.

About Thursday 26 June 1662

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Poor Sam! "Bound" again... I can't help thinking that his city-dweller diet must have been lacking fresh fruit and vegetables. That; and long meetings where he'd have to hang on must have made the management of his internal economy a tricky business.