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About Wednesday 27 June 1660

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If I were Symons I would not be confiding my loss to someone whom I may suspect would be happy to know of my misfortune. That is not how people usually behave. So either Sam is a duplicitous fellow towards Symons or "not a little pleased" means the opposite of what we would now take it to mean. I prefer the latter interpretation.

About Friday 22 June 1660

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And power trumps all! LBJ was the clodhopper in Camelot till the rest happened. Then he became a political sage. Well, till the further rest happened.

About Tuesday 29 May 1660

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What I have trouble with is someone mistaking something that is just under 3X's the height of the other. 35 yards versus 90 yards. Mass of cliff confuses some but by that much? Excellent bet Sam!

Measuring stick length? Measure length by body (arm length or stride) then half it in the other through breakage.

About Wednesday 23 May 1660

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A decade late but Waldo ask for some tracts in defense of Monarchy. Not exactly what was requested but I would suggest Isaiah Berlin's collection of essays AGAINST THE CURRENT which outlines various writers ideas on what he came to call the Counter-Enlightenment. At any rate, the list of writers discussed there pretty well covers the field.

About Saturday 3 March 1659/60

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Sheep's head.

I remember arriving at dusk to Kairouan, Tunisia. After getting our room I hopped down to the Souk to pick up some fruit. What luck! I found a fellow selling half a roasted chicken. Getting back to the hotel we sat down to eat. First thing I noticed was it was missing its wing. Then we noticed the anus had a grimace. The outline of half a goat's head coalesced before our eyes. I had wondered why the fellow selling me the chicken looked so pleased.