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About Saturday 21 February 1662/63

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One of my absolute favorite entries so far! I still think there is some missing context--with respect to the 'man' who acts as an ordinary man but who clearly becomes more and more menacing returning with a constable and bailiffs. I suspect that these men were in some respect rogue (perhaps akin to a modern day bounty hunter) and certainly this picture enlarges as the day and the drama unrolls. Was pleasantly surprised to see the Battens offering assistance and shouting offenses to the bailiffs. All in all, quite the day. Splendid.

About Friday 9 January 1662/63

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Many comments here on Sam and Elizabeth, but I am surprised no one has commented on Sarah. In 1662 Sarah was often a subject of contention between Sam and Elizabeth. Sam felt Sarah was a very fine servant--he likes and admires her and is deeply upset by Elizabeth's insistence that she go. I believe at one point Elizabeth tells Sam that Sarah cannot set her (Elizabeth's) hair well. One suspects, but cannot know, that jealousy may be at work. At any rate, here we have an episode where Sarah's action (wandering mouth) directly undercuts the couple and so I immediately thought--Elizabeth was right about Sarah and Sam was wrong. Many here are critical of Sam's ire, as indeed he himself is; however, part of his ire must be that he was wrong about Sarah, betrayed by Sarah and caught in a misdeed (seeking out Sarah in late 1662 and discussing his wife with her). This episode creates further psychological disturbance when he realizes he can be harmed/lampooned by servants who could access these letters that Elizabeth (in one way or another) inadvertently grants servants access to. He sees betrayal everywhere and not wrongly so--though of course he could have explained this better, reacted better, etc., as he knows and which is why he is still troubled.