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About Henry Killigrew (a)

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According to 'The Great Wardrobe Account: An account of debts owing to several persons in the Office of the Great Wardrobe, which accrued in the reign of the late King William and were due at the time of his said Majesty's death and still remain unpaid', William owed money to Henry Killigrew who is listed in the accounts as 'jester':

'Jester: Henry Killegrew, for his bills for one year's livery allowed every second year, due at Lady day 1701: £75, 8s.'

Source: 'Civil List Debt: Great Wardrobe', in Calendar of Treasury Books, vol. 17 (1702), William A Shaw, ed. (London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1939), pp. 1035-1045. 

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