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About Wednesday 11 March 1667/68

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'L&M: Thomas Chicheley was M.P. for Cambridgeshire; later (1670) Master-General of the Ordinance and a knight. He was rich but extravagant, and in 1686 was force to sell his country house in Wimpole, Cambs.'

Wimpole still stands and is now owned by the National Trust. Thomas Chicheley demolished the existing ancient manor house in the 1640's and built a splendid new house - parts of this survive in the Wimpole of today.
After his debts forced him to sell the house in 1686, it passed through several noble families and, by 1937, it was rented to Captain and Mrs Bambridge, who bought it in 1942. Elsie Bambridge was Rudyard Kipling's only surviving child. She bequeathed Wimpole to the National Trust on her death in 1976, by which point she was living frugally in only a few of the many rooms. It's been beautifully restored and - if we ever get to visit anywhere ever again - makes a great and fascinating place to visit.