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About Monday 29 December 1662

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"and the Duke of Monmouth with his little mistress, which is very little"
Interesting that Pepys does find her litte, presumably in the meaning of young. She was born 11 February 1651, thus 11 years 10 months 2 weeks at this time.

About Monday 22 December 1662

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"...whither my boy came, who had staid in St. James’s Park by my mistake all day, looking for me..."
At least he took the responsibility, and did not blaime the boy. The reincarnation of Pepys I used to work for did.

About Tuesday 14 February 1659/60

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Oh no, please, don't delete the old annotations. They have been lovely to read the past weeks. They are just as much a diary of a time past as Sam's is. It is especially nice to see links to websites with information pre-wikipedia. Could we not just continue adding comments?