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About Site statistics 2009

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Louise - it's hard to know what to count as a "regular". But I found an interesting table in Google Analytics, which I've added to the post now (search for "UPDATE" on the page). It shows that a third of visitors to the site over the past month have visited 26 times or more, which sounds good!

About Yare

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From the OED:

yare, a.
1. Ready, prepared. a. of persons: const. to with n. or inf.
b. of things; in later use, (of implements) ready for use.
c. to make yare: to make ready, get ready, prepare (also refl.).
2. Alert, nimble, active, brisk, quick.
b. Of a ship: Moving lightly and easily; answering readily to the helm; easily manageable.
3. Comb., as yare-handed; yare-witel, quick-witted.

yare, v.
trans. To make or get ready, to prepare.

yare, adv.
1. Quickly, without delay, promptly, immediately, soon. (Often used vaguely, esp. in full yare, as a riming tag.) Obs.
b. Nimbly, briskly. Obs. rare.
c. As exclamation: = Quick! esp. in nautical use. arch.
2. Well, thoroughly; (often with know, etc.) certainly, plainly, without doubt. (Often used vaguely as in 1.) Obs.

About Wednesday 28 November 1666

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(Just an aside... please keep things on topic. There are plenty of other places we can discuss climate change. Let's move on, thanks.)

About Portraits added to 'pop ups'

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Hmm, I'm not sure what to suggest. It will affect both types of rollover as I had to change how the non-picture ones were done too.

What version of Chrome are you using, and what operating system?

Has anyone else found this problem?

About Pepys on Twitter

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The out-of-sync nature of the times is just because Twitter defaults to a different time zone than the UK. If you sign up for an account and change your time zone in the settings, then you'll see them differently.

The messages are set to go out at appropriate times of the day according to my guesses as to when the events happened.

I'm not sure why he'll need to be censored on Twitter when he's not censored on the website (well, apart from Mr Wheatley's censoring of course).

I don't recall saying I was stopping using Twitter -- I've been using it happily for two and a half years now.

About Pepys on Twitter

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At the moment it's around three messages per day. We'll see how that feels over the next week or so.

When I'm preparing the diary entries for posting on the site (usually a week's worth at a time) I'll now also prepare a week's worth of 140 character snippets from the diary. I'll probably need to make slight tweaks to them to fit and make sense, but by and large they'll still be Pepys' words. It shouldn't be too much extra work, and I'm really enjoying the result so far -- for someone already immersed in Twitter it really feels like having a sense of what Sam is up to right "now".

About Saturday 3 March 1665/66

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Sorry for the confusion with the 2nd and 3rd of March -- I'd given the 3rd the wrong date so they were appearing over each other.

I'm going to move all the obvious 2nd of March annotations over to that entry.

About Prize goods

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Previous References are yet to be linked here from the diary entries.

About Some new graphs

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I know what you mean Arthur. But I think the graphs are best as a rough indication, rather than something used to identify the exact number of times things have been referenced. Because the rest of the page is taken up with a detailed list of the days on which the topic has been mentioned I didn't want to take up too much more space with the graph.

If there wasn't the list of days then there would be a lot more reason to make the graph larger and more easily readable. At the moment it's more of a supplementary illustration, a bit like an expanded sparkline ( ).

About Thursday 14 December 1665

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Dudley: You're right about the location of the Pope's Head. I linked to the wrong one in this and several previous diary entries -- I've corrected them all now.

About Wednesday 13 December 1665

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Thanks Mollusc and Language Hat; someone else alerted me to your annotation. Yes, it is best to email me directly in case I'm (unfortunately) too busy to keep a close eye on things! The link's corrected now.