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About Wednesday 29 January 1667/68

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Paul - thanks for the "eeriest"/"veriest" correction. A shame: I imagine some people could accurately be described as "eery"! I've corrected it (as I usually do with the occasional obvious typo in the Project Gutenberg text, which L&M have differently). I'll also go back and fix the previous occurrences, for future readers.

About Diary and Encyclopedia data available

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Paul, thanks for the kind words.

I would like to add the comments to these files but this was kind of a first draft, which I was trying to get ready for History Hackday in case anyone there would find it useful.

The best way of preserving stuff online seems to be to make many copies of it. So distributing everything like this should hopefully ensure that if this site disappears (eg, after I die!) then the data, including everyone's contributions in the form of annotations over the years, will still exist.

And thanks for the New Palace Yard correction -- that's purely my typo in the file, rather than a data problem. I've fixed it now.

About Sunday 8 December 1667

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Paul, good point about "Prince". I wasn't sure and plumped for putting the link to Rupert in. But you're right, and I've removed it now.

About Thursday 24 October 1667

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(I hid an annotation of Robert Gertz's, and a few following which complained about or supported it. There is certainly a place for comparing Pepys' time with the present day, but sometimes this can cross the line into talking only about present day issues, and this isn't the place for that. I hope this isn't a huge deal. Thanks for all the continuing contributions everyone!)

About Monday 2 September 1667

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Thanks Todd - I've fixed the Bruncker link now.

And yes, language hat is right -- it's always best to drop me a line directly as I often miss any corrections mentioned in annotations.

About Saturday 7 September 1667

Phil Gyford  •  Link

I've changed the link for the Change to the New Exchange.

The Royal Exchange has moved to Gresham College since the fire, so there is still activity going on there, and maybe Pepys would still refer to it the same way? Unless I've missed the reference, L&M don't mention this date for either the Royal or New Exchanges in the Index, so I'm guessing they weren't sure either.

About Tuesday 25 June 1667

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"this is surely rather Mr. Edward Kinaston, a merchant involved in the Tangier victualing business."

I've corrected the link now. Less fun, more accurate!