Thursday 29th June 2006

I’ve spent the evening trying to work out why “Internal Server Errors” are generated so often when annotations are posted. I’ve tried simplifying the templates Movable Type uses to generate the site’s pages, to the point of reverting to the software’s default, very simple, templates. Although I saw some improvement I was still seeing errors around 10-20% of the time.

I think that the Recent Annotations page was one of the bigger causes of the problem, and for the moment that page won’t be updating. I realise this is annoying, and before long I may find a way of creating this that doesn’t impact on the comment-posting process.

In the meantime, please be patient. I’ve posted a message to ProNet, and hopefully someone will have some ideas there. I’d be interested to know if you find things better or worse sense I switched off the Recent Annotations page — post your thoughts below or to the new discussion group.


TerryF   Link to this

Phil, as far as I'm concerned, the Recent Annotations page can go, if that's what it takes.

At the moment the first of 5 (!) identical posts bu Dirk is

I believe I'll try to post as an experiment.

TerryF   Link to this

Phil, I posted fine, as had Robert Gertz.

Bradford   Link to this

And I got the usual Error Message. But what of it? You go back, hit Post again, get refused for trying to Post again too soon, click on The Diary link, return to the Annotations for the entry in question, and there you are, in all your glory. Circumlocutious, but success rewards the persistent.

language hat   Link to this

I would be distressed if the Recent Annotations page disappeared; it's how I routinely navigate the site. If it's not there I'll probably just check the last post or two, and miss a lot of comments.

Mary   Link to this

I agree with language Hat.

If at all possible, I should like to see the Recent Annotations facility restored and fear that we shall lose some really useful information if it has to be permanently suppressed.

Paul Chapin   Link to this

Add my vote for keeping the Recent Annotations page, if possible.

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