Thursday 29th September 2005

As most readers are aware, I add new entries to the Encyclopedia section as we progress through the diary, as Pepys meets new people, visits new places, etc. Until now I haven’t included pages for all the plays he’s seen, but this was becoming an increasingly obvious omission. So I’ve created pages for all the plays Pepys has seen or mentioned so far and will keep it up to date like everything else.

So, if you have the urge to do a spot of research there are 54 plays there that you can have a go at annotating: histories, synopses, links to scripts…


Bradford   Link to this

The mind glazes over at the thought of the application necessary to collate this list. Material for a Ph.D. in the making? Thank you, Phil.

Glyn   Link to this

Also the "Knight of the Burning Pestle" which he saw on 7 May 1662, and which coincidentally is on at the Barbican Theatre in London until 8 October, 2005. The synopsis makes it sound like a surreal comedy, maybe someone could review it.

Please add my thanks to everyone elses for your fantastic hard work on this site.

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