Sunday 27th February 2005

Well it looks like most things are settling down at the new server. There have been a few little glitches, but I’m hoping this is due to the changes taking a few days to propagate around the internet.

However, so far I’ve had no luck with getting the script which posts new diary entries to run. It should post a new entry every evening, but it’s currently generating strange errors on the new server. So, until I work out how to get it running, updates won’t be as regular as they have been, as they require me to be online to press a button. I’ll do my best to keep up though!


Stephen Walkley   Link to this

Doesnt seem to be working - is now 10th March - last entry that I can see is for the 7th.

Keep up the good work

Glyn   Link to this

I've just read the list of the things that you had to do to move this site,

A piece of cake.

Phil Gyford   Link to this

Sorry about the delays back there - I seem to have cracked the automatic updating problem, so everything should, more or less, work like clockwork from now on...

vicenzo   Link to this


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