Monday 20th January 2003

On Tuesday 21st January at around 1.40pm GMT I’ll be interviewed live on BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms show about this site. It should be fun and you can listen live online. I don’t think it’s archived unfortunately.


Glyn   Link to this

What a coincidence! Only last week, I suggested to their researchers that they contacted you! Unfortunately I won't be able to listen to it which is a pity - this site is absolutely ideal for that programme.
Glyn Thomas, Hounslow

NR Boensch   Link to this

I sent a link to the editor of the New York Times Book Review and he was grateful. He reviewed Claire Tomalin's bio of Pepys in the Jan. 5 issue.
Renee Boensch, Alameda, California USA

Phil   Link to this

So, I should probably say... the interview was fun and I think it went well. Robert Elms was incredibly enthusiastic about the site, but then he's paid to sound incredibly enthusiastic and obviously hadn't worked out how to leave the front page of the site himself. All the usual questions about how and why I started it, about how it's a big committment, and about how much more interesting it is because of all the annotations. It was about 7 minutes in total.

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