26 March 1670

26 March 1670


Something hath offered itself which may prove of advantage to you, that makes it necessary for me to have you here on Tuesday night next. It is an employment into which some or other must be elected on Wednesday morning. If my endeavours for you succeed it will be a good provision for you. If it do not, it is very well worth a journey to attempt it.

I am sensible this may be inconvenient to my Brother Jackson; but I hope some way or other may be found to put off the meeting on his business for a few days. For whither this succeeds or not, you shall be at liberty in a few days to return for a little time. Therefore pray fail not to be here on Tuesday night next. I beg my father’s blessing and rest

Your loving brother


The efforts were successful. John Pepys became clerk at Trinity House. In 1673 he was made joint-Clerk of the Acts in the Navy Office with one of Pepys’s former clerks, Tom Hayter. His new job diverted him from Trinity House and at his death in 1677 Pepys had to pay £300 to Trinity House to settle his brother’s accounts.

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