Tuesday 12 December 1665

Navy Office Greenwich

12 December 16651


His Royal Highness hath commanded, that the Golden hand and Prince William2 be imediatly sent to New Castle to fetch Coales for the poore of the Citty of London3: I doe therefore entreat you that if they have any Dutch4 prisoners now onboard them as I am told they have you will please to thinke of some fitt place for the removal of them unto, and to cleare the shipps of them that we may in obedience to his Royal Highness’s comands see the said shipps imediatly proceed on the forenamed service: I am

Your affectionat Servant


Source: Pierpont Morgan Library (catalogued as: “[No MA number]. Collection: Rulers of Europe” under Pepys). Endorsed by E, “Mr Pepys Navy-Office 12 Decr -65”. An oddity of the MS is that the date of both letter and E’s endorsement have quite clearly been altered, and by the same hand; it now reads “12” in both cases but may have originally read “7” or “17”.

  1. MS: “Navy Office Greenwich 12 December 1665” at foot of letter. Notwithstanding the observation in note 1 above, Pepys recorded writing his letters late this day, just before going home for supper but not too late for them to be dispatched as E seems to have replied the next day (diary).
  2. MS: “Wm”. See letter of 9 Dec 1665, note 5.
  3. “The weather setting in cold” (P’s diary, 12 December 1665). P had also recorded, on 13 October preceding, that he encountered Albemarle, William, Earl of Craven, and Alderman Sir John Robinson, Lord-Lieutenant of the Tower “talking of ships to get of the King to fetch Coles for the poor of the City, which is a good work. But Lord, to hear the silly talk between these three great people…” (diary; see Latham and Matthews, VI, 264, n.3, for additional references on this topic).
  4. Inserted.

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