Monday 23 October 1665

For Samuel Pepys Esqr:

One of the principall Officers

of his Majesties Navy at Greenewich

Sayes Court

23 October 16651


Yours of the 17th Instant2 I found at my returne from Leades3, and Kentish Circle, requiring an accoumpt of what Sea-men have been sick on shore? the ships whence they came? and the place to which? with other particulars to encounter the fraud of the Pursers etc. Sir, for mine owne concerne, I sent you that of Deale, and am ready to present you with the rest of mine to the 5th June last [from November to June]4; since which we have not yet altogether finished the last quarter; but I presume may be ready with it to a day, by that time you have examin’d these: For those of my other Breathren, I presume they are also prepard for you: But I can give no positive account of it, they being all of them many miles distant from our place of meeting: In the meane time I have sent your Letter to Sir William Doily, that he may know what your Commands are: I verily believe his are in very good order, having lent him my Clearke5 so long, though to mine owne prejudice: With what concernes my Selfe as to this particular, I shall to morrow (God willing) waite on you, who am


Your most obedient and humble Servant


Source: PRO S.P. 29/135, f.44. Endorsed, “23 October 65. Says Court. Esqr Evelin”.

  1. MS: “Says-Court 23d:Octr:1665”. E wrote more freely to Sir Richard Browne, the same day: “…The King will not have a man to serve him shortly… Do they believe 12000 Sick-men can be maintained with nothing?… The Major of Rochester, swore to me, they would throw our sick-men in the streetes if I did not send them mony, their poore miserable Landlords who quarter them clamoring so to the Court there, and exclaiming, not to say cursing, with dreadful imprecations, comparing the tymes, with former. But of this, more when I see you, and may speake freely…” (BL.1480).
  2. Not known — it is evident from later in this letter that E had sent it on to Doyly and presumably never made a copy. P made no copy in his letter book (NMM LBK/8).
  3. Leeds Castle, Kent. E marched 500 prisoners there from Maidstone on 18 October, returning to Deptford on the 22nd (diary).
  4. Marginal note.
  5. Probably William Barbour (see Latham and Matthews, X, 19).
  6. He did (P’s diary, 24 and 25 October 1665).

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