Monday 1 May 1665

For Samuel Pepys Esqr:

at the Navy Office


Sayes Court

1 May 16651


My absence neere 30 miles from my house, when your Letter2 came thither, will, I hope, excuse the slow returne of this answer: Sir, there is neither in our Commission, or Instructions the least mention made of any provision for Sick and Wounded-men in Ireland; our Districts reaching no farther then Plymouth towards the West, and Yarmouth North-East; and the intermedial ports reduc’d to as few as could be, for sundry important reasons: Notwithstanding I conceive it were very fit there should, for the future, be some courses taken for the settling of some Correspondence there for this effect; but our Commission dos take no Cognizance of it: Sir, when my Collegues in Office meete, I will not faile to Communicat this particular to them, and what his Majestie shall be pleas’d to superadd to his other Commands, I know they will be ready to undertake as far as lyes in their power; this comeing onely from


Your most humble servant


Source: BL.1469. Endorsed by P, “1st: May 1665 Mr Eveling About want of Provision made for sick and wounded in Ireland.” The letter also bears: a handwritten note that it was purchased in June 1869 from “Sotheby and Hodge”; and, a clipping from the sale catalogue describing the letter (Lot 364). It was probably purchased by, or on behalf of, William John Evelyn of Wotton who expended much energy on recovering books and manuscripts connected with the diarist.

  1. MS: “Says-Court May.1:65.” P visited Sayes Court in the evening (“it being dark and late” — diary) on this day, perhaps in response to the letter though he does not mention it (ibid). E was not there and states in his own diary only that he went to London on 1 May. He had presumably departed before P arrived.

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