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HMS Diamond [1652-1693]was a 40-gun fourth rate Ruby-class

then this\

Honours and
awards: Armada 1588, Kentish Knock 1652, Portland 1653, Gabbard 1653, Scheveningen 1653, Lowestoft 1665, Four Days Battle 1666, Orfordness 1666, Solebay 1672,etc...

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The Diamond.

Sam reports on the 17th of April that the Captain John Golding was killed while capturing a Dutch privateer. In the fleet list for April 1665 she was 4th rate, 180 men and 46 guns.

In the list of September 1665 Captain was John King.

On the 23rd August 1662 she came into the Downs from Jamaica with colours at half mast due to the death of Allin’s wife’s brother Richard Whiting.

(Info from the Journals of Sandwich and Allin)

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  • 1665
  • 1666